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Rust PvP is an upcoming server for PvP focused individuals and clans. We are going to actively promote competitive game play and tournaments with cash prizes for the winning players / teams. Our server is professionally managed and thus stability is ensured, we are constantly improving security during our development stages and will actively pursue, and punish, anyone who attempts to affect the game play of our community in a negative manner.

Cosmetic modifications which do not hinder competitive play will be installed onto the server, for example InstaCraft. We do not wish to add any mods which may defer from the atmosphere we, at Rust PvP, want to pursue.

As we are still developing and preparing for a launch, we do not have a server online for players to connect to. However, today, we have installed our website and launched our forums. If you’re interested in Rust PvP and want to see what we’re about I suggest you register to the forums (http://forums.rustpvp.eu) and prepare your team.

We’re coming and we’re coming prepared. Are you?

Update 27/06/2014 01:11AM - Anyone who registers to our forums http://rustpvp.eu will receive 24 hours head start in-game. You will receive a PM when the head start is live and we will announce the IP publicly 24 hours after.

PS: A 24 hour headstart on a tournament server such as Rust PvP is relatively large and registration is easy! http://forums.rustpvp.eu.

We have further updated our changelog, check it out: http://forums.rustpvp.eu/viewforum.php?f=5

Configuration of our system security has been completed. We’re almost ready to launch!

Guarantee yourself a 24 hour head start by registering on our forums here: http://forums.rustpvp.eu.

What’s so “HARDCORE” about it… -_-

What’s the IP ?