[EU] RustStube | Kits | 1/4 Crafting | NoCraftC4 | VotingReward

Welcome to RustStube / Willkommen in der RustStube!

Connect: F1 -> net.connect

Server started on 03/17/14 / March 17, 2014, and will run for at least a month without being wiped.
New players are very welcome, there is a starter kit which makes it easier for you to gain ground on this server. Of course experienced groups are also welcome.

Server Information:

-Starter Kits
-Removal Tool (ask Admins)
-1/4 Crafting time
-No C4 crafting
-Voting rewards

Voting and more server information: http://toprustservers.com/server/10859 To claim the voting reward, just type “/voted” to the chat after you’ve voted.

Have fun!