[EU]RustWorld Wiped 25/05|Airdrop+15|Group|Remove|Share|Active Admin's

Hello Join our Fresh wiped server! 23/05 pm 12.00


Active Admins

Airdrop +15 drop every 2 day game life!

0,5 craft time

Starter Kit. ( food and stone hatchet )
Death Handler.
Groups. ( Friendly fire )
Remover. ( u can’t put small stash or stash under fundation and pillars ! )
Decay Controller.
Private Messaging. ( /pm )
Voter (Which allows you to get a reward when you’ve voted for our server ) 250 Wood 25 sulfure ore 25 metal ore )



Great server, just joined. Very friendly players, good for new players. Noone is too advanced yet so you still have a chance. Love it so far, hope to continue playing

After playing for a day its getting pretty good. Not too many people on yet though. Great plugins though and community is nice