[EU] Rusty Doctors | Alarm | Drops | Noob Friendly | Active Admins

Welcome to Rusty Doctors Server Post

We , “The Admins” , have decided to run our own server after dealing with hackers, and poorly administrated servers, We are 100% against Hackers and Griefers and we will ban them immediately.

Server Configs
1/2 Craft
Pvp On
1 Min player Airdrops

Installed Plugins (running Oxide) :
Customized Quests
Base Alarm
Frequent Airdrops
Chat Moderation
Private Messaging
Automated Kits

Economy will be configured soon and added to the server.
i will update this post once i add Econ.

How to Connect :

Press F1 in rust, then copy and paste this code :

See you all in game, Dr. Kleiner