*[EU] Rusty Dusty[1/2 Crafting][DoorShare][Oxide Mod]Wiped[New Serv]*

Hello guys we have new server! $$$$NO LAGS%%%

Server Name :
[EU] Rusty Dusty[1/2 Crafting][DoorShare][PVP] WIPED 23.0.14
Server Ip Adress:
Or Press F1 and use this command:

Server Location at:
Europe > GER(no lag)
::Slots:: (150)

Details about the Server:
PvP On
No Lags
Sleeper ON
1/2(50%) Crafting Time
No Admin Abuse
Oxide Mod with new feature!!
Gladiators War
AirDrop Party
Find the crate
And more!!!

Using Cheats,Hacks,Scripts,Bots or any other third party programm is forbidden.
Only English in Chat.
Respect other Players and Admins.
No disrespectful Flame for Raids by other Player.
No Griefing

Feel free to ask from admin help!

Join and Enjoy!

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

(User was banned for this post ("extended, using alts to bump his threads and make more server advertisments, and make only one thread for your server" - postal))

Apparenatly the server had 80+ ppl yesterday before it was wiped!

Enjoy the fresh server,population will grow soon!

Liking the server!


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