[EU] Rusty Nails [Sleeprs/PvP/50%Craft/Airdrop/DoorShare]

[EU] Rusty Nails |Sleepers|PvP|25%Craft|ActiveAdmins|Wiped23.01|

Located in EU, Oxide is installed and works properly. We have active Admins to ensure that there won’t be any cheaters, of course they don’t abuse their powers.


-Chat history (/history to display the last 8 chat messages)

-Private Messaging (/pm “name” “message” to privately message your friends)

-Airdrop set to 10 (will be changed according to number of players)

-25% craft time, you won’t have to wait hours for some foundations

-Cheaters will be banned swiftly (we are very active in observing and banning cheaters as soon as they enter the game)

-No Admin abuse (no Admin will abuse his or her powers, if they do they will get their admin powers revoked and will be punished)

-Server-Wipes won’t happen unless the community wishes for it

-Teamspeak 3 so you can communicate with your friends while playing on this server (once you ask ingame the IP will be send to you)

-English chat !

-The Community can suggest plugins for the server so we can get some more functions !


We’re really looking forward to seeing new names pop up in game and to get a stable amount of players on the server. If you are looking for somewhere to play with friendly admins and a fun time, join us and help us become the best server in the game.


The server is freshly wiped, so there are no groups with an advantage right now. So hurry up and use the opportunity to start playing !

Come on people, give the server a go and bring your friends. We have candy!



Airdrop lowered to 10 people, special events will be held by admins at random times or when there are 10 people around.

Bump !