[EU]Rustyx :: Multiplayer:: Fun Times-NOT YOUR REGULAR RUST SERVER| No Wipe| Active Admins| Noob Friendly| Airdrop|100% Fun

Welcome to the new server on the block, the RUSTYX.
Designed not to be a regular server where players just kill each other with cheats and admins don’t really care about it, RUSTYX focuses primarily on fun and joy while playing your favorite game.

*The server was created on 18th of March 2014 by a small group of Bosnian enthusiasts who wanted a step up from just playing their favorite game. That’s why we bought a 50-slot server and promised to ourselves that regardless of the fact that we’re admins, we are and will play fair play without spawning everything we need for a house, raid or anything else.
Since we all know that it’s hard to establish yourself on a server without help, we decided to **offer help to every member of our community, both by a starter pack and in-game help. *Airdrops are made for players and not for admins and that will stay so on our server.

Server is hosted in Germany, as our primary target are EU players.

Come and take part in making history!


From today on, we are proud owners of the unofficial world record for the tallest building ever made in Rust:

Come and see the miracle on the server!