[EU] Scandinavian 31.1 fresh. PVP +Oxide

Need a new server to play on? Server startet today 31.01.14 (EU dates)
Its a PVP server, no mass airdrops! You can expect to be killed and raided.

*150 players
*½ Craft
*Remove tool -/remove
*Groups -/ghelp
*Starter kit -/kit starter
*Locations -/location
*Free 150 slot mumble free to use, even if its not for Rust.

There is always an admin around to ban thoose nasty cheaters if they appear.





More and more are joinging us

Awsome server!! love it! really nice admins online all the time there to! peace out!

Thanks man :wink:

awsome server yes. no lag no admin abuse at all. and admin is there to check for haxers!!

Admins just banned a hacker. Nice srv idd

yeah i saw that nice, and it took like 3 mins… =D


Banned cheater Nr#2 … Highjump&Speedhack

yeah good that the admin takes the game serious…

fuck yeah !

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Aww yir

Sweet ass server !

Jeg kan godt li dig

Sut gren

The pvp and raiding is crazy on this one. Many players online, bring the A game


Not much i can do about the lag on the server. Until a update comes out it should run smoother

What the hell? Me and my friend just get BANNED! For no reason. I killed 3 guys, and they start blaming me because i took their stuff. Then they started to call me a “hacker” cause i didnt want to give back their loot. But this is PVP server, so i think that i can take their stuff. And i was playing without any hacks. Admin didnt even try to speak with me, he just banned me. And when my friend asked why admin banned me, he had been banned too. So, please explain why you banned us? I like this server. So i dont want to go to another server. Admin im asking you to reply to this. So we can work this situation out. My in-game nick is CollGuyFTWツ.
P.S.:Sorry for my bad language, im not good at it=)

Im sorry but there was alot of QQ going on abouts you aimbotting, shotting them right in the face. I teleportet to your house and got put down almost instantly with shot in the face.

Lol. That was you. I thought that was a hacker or a bug. So, what i need to do, to prove you that im not a hacker?