[EU] Scandinavian |PvP|Sleep On|1/2 Craft|Airdrop at 20|

Hello everyone, me and my friends got tired of the admin abuse out there so we rented our own server.

  • Active Admins.
  • No Abuse.
  • No Mods.
  • Max Players 100.
  • Sleepers On.
  • PvP On.
  • 1/2 Crafting Time.
  • Last Wiped 19/01.
  • Airdrop Starts At 20 Players.

Come and join us while its fresh.

[EU] Scandinavian 19/01|PvP|Sleep On|1/2 Craft|Airdrop at 20|


Best Wishes Elegance

There have been a misstake that has been made by the server provider and for now i cant get in contact with them until tomorrow im really sorry.

The server is back up and runing, newly wiped so build while its new and remember, have fun !

Also once again im sorry for this, but it wasent anything i could do about it or about the wipe.


Had fun time playing here last night :smiley:

Yeah, we sure did have some fun :slight_smile:

Thanks for another great day, cya tomorrow

Ya ;D im still here ;D hope some more can join the fun :smiley:

Yeah lets hope more people come on ^^

Just logged on.
Last server I played on just went offline for whatever reason, seems to happen a lot to the community servers… :confused:
For how long have you rented this server/plan on keeping the server up?

If there comes more people online, it can be a nice server, only about 8 online now.

Well right now we got the server for a month and we are working every day with getting new people online so hopefully it will have more players.

After this month we will probably renew this server and just keep it going, we dont plan to give up :wink:

I would also like to add that we will probably get a site soon where we will have votes for wipes and diffrent events.

Sounds really nice

Hopefully it will be nice :slight_smile:

Right now we usually have about 10+ online and im working on getting more people in everyday :slight_smile:

N more will it be i hope ;>

Hopefully yes.

Just updated, everything wiped come and join us !

Yeah come and join us while its fresh !

Good server and nice admins i like it alot and its fun seeing it getting bigger :slight_smile: