EU Seems Bugged(Campfire)

Dear Guys,

i just went on the EU Server and noticed, there is so far no Furnace or Workbench but the Campfires seems changed and dont working atm, then i did switch to the US Server, and had every new Recipe i think it’s a Bug on EU side.


Chances are that EU hasn’t been restarted yet for the patch to go live. Not sure about this though.

EDIT: Campfires seem to “eat” whatever food / ores you try to put in it, also it’s quite laggy when opening it up. Furnaces and Workbenches aren’t appearing on the recipe list either. (EU)
EDIT2: Just got 3 cargos from a plane drop. 2 of them had wooden walls, foundations, pillars and doorways. The 3rd one had gunpowder, metal, planks and medkits ( plus 10 charges in total ) So I guess that’s bugged too.

Yep it’s unplayable if you die, you’re gonna starve in 5min :v:

Confirmed, Fire on EU server is bugged.

Not to mention i find the fire crafting interface very laggy.

I’m sure the Dev’s are onto it :wink:

any news when i gonna work fine agen?

Yeh its pretty much a spawn in, farm stuff, die, rinse and repeat

the server crashed, and restarted, but it still doesnt work … :slight_smile: just wait it will be patched eventually

A moment of silence for all the ore inside of rust campfires before the patch…

Every week-end, we can’t play…

It’s alpha lads. I’m pretty sure you camt complain on an alpha lol. You can inform and be helpful but whine I’m afriad no no

If we dont complain, nothing will be fixed