EU Server down 14.08 07:41 UTC +1

Yea Server just did Crash. It was after a Airplane.

Oh, i just started my first rust Game EVER on EU… First thing i saw was airplane droping some crates, so i went to find them, it was realy close… Well then server crashed :slight_smile:

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Again down

indeed :slight_smile:

You didnt read the updates in the Home of the website, didnt you?

“We’re encountering some issues with server stability. We’re hard at work looking into it and will update you soon. For now you may notice the server going up and down frequently, Sorry!”

This was posted there 11hours ago. Relax man

This is very true, thank you good sir :slight_smile:

Yeah I saw that airplane!

what comes out that plane? whats in the crates?

everything you can imagine. and in large quantities.

Personaly i dont know, but from what i seen in some videos, there was crate full of building materials (walls, pillars etc…) but i think there can be also weapons and armors…

can you link the video? thx

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hi btw,I’m new too,do you happen to need a partner or looking for a group ?

No video link from me, but what I’ve gathered from crates does vary, last two crates I recovered had a lot of building materials: 20 Wood Pillars, 2 Metal Doors, 4 Wood Foundations, 4 Wood Walls, 10 Explosive Charges and the other one, don’t really remember a lot of ammunition I don’t recall any weapons however.

Got already 10 Crates + and never had a Weapon but alot of Ammo and C4 !

is there a timing when the plane will fly etc,where and when?
How do I know if it will be dropped?Sorry Im quite new

Sorry, cant find that video now…

Hey, i would love to get a partner… But i dunno how give you my coordinates, i know that i got house under some hill near forest, also there is some radiated area with alot zombies,barrels and some big fuel tanks…

Add me in skype : lim.tjandy

There’s a command which let us know our coordinates…It will be addded in future updates I guess,since it’s removed now.

I wanna build a house,with front door/back door that belongs to each of us

Shame, i do not have skype account nor skype… Any other communicator? ICQ? Steam?

Just downloaded ICQ…

Add me Lim Tjandy

Cant find you, do you know you ICQ number? my 262447509

added…sorry all for this off topic conversations!