EU Server Not on List

Whats up with the EU server again?

Dunno, the server seems to be down :S

Yeah it’s been down for about 10 mins.

As usual we wont hear a word from the devs.

Its annoying as this is the 2nd time in Two Days its been down and its annoying when I cant play it much because of school and if its down how must I play.

I just want know is there a Chance that the Server come back anytime soon?

Hello Bigbois! Shoutout to Bänkelito!

It would not be as annoying if the devs took one minute to inform us. A lot of us have paid $40-$80 for keys. I realize it is an alpha and I do not expect the servers to be up constantly. However, they could just write a sticky thread in the forum saying something like…

“Hey guys the EU server will be down for emergency maintenance for a few hours. More details will follow”

It would take them no time at all and it would lead to their customers (who have paid them $200k) being much happier.

I Agree that the servers would not be expected to be up all the time but I do Agree they should at least inform us in some way. but the fact that it went down twice on two consecutive days, I havnt seen the US server been down that much compared to the EU

Yeah lack of information (especially for us EU players), seems to be a very common occurrence. Lets just hope the devs do read the forums and start realizing that a small bit of information will go a long way with their users.

Guys EU SERVER BACK!! :slight_smile:

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never mind

And its down again :slight_smile:

For 10 seconds :wink:

Hey, guys, remember that this game’s an alpha, and that means it’s in active development. Maybe the server crashed.

And if it crashed, how do you expect to be given advance notice? And if it is a crash, what would you prefer Garry be doing first? Telling you why the EU server is down and what he’s going to do about fixing it, or fixing it?

Yeah it seems ok now

I’d rather he comes on and says “GUYS ITS OKAY! I’ve given Helk and Pat access to the EU server its all gravy now!” so that when something like this does happen they can be there when Garry is not able to and fix it.

The EU server has sadly been a little bit behind in updates as well as being down for a goodly amount, the day before yesterday it crashed at about 11:00 PM GMT and ended up being back up at about 6:00 AM GMT. Lets hope they sort out the perms soon (unless its already been fixed) :slight_smile:

Agreed, they really should put more weight to EU servers.
Don’t see the reason it’s staying behind, it’s not like they have different map or stuff…