EU servers down?

Ahhh man I wanna go to bed but I want to finnish my house :confused: anyone knows whats up?

the servers are down.

I don’t know dude down for me too. :frowning:

only a crash i think. just w8 they will restart it soon i hop :slight_smile: Cheers

Server still down.

some dev plz restart server

go on us server <3

The server isnt even listed for me anymore…

Unless they have remote access to their servers, they wont be at work until 9am GMT+1, which is in 30 minutes

how do you know how they work? :S

Because i read their “We’re hiring” post.

aight mate

Jeeees somthing must have crashed that server down… normaly it at least stay in the server list…

yee can we get some info…?

Yeah a statement would be cool… :smiley:

They never bother with statements.They just take $200k and never actually let us know what going on. This happened last night, see the thread here:

The mod justified not keeping customers informed by saying that it would get the server fixed quicker. It only takes one minute to write a very brief statement and let us know whats happening.

I dont see any Mod in that thread?

Im going out on a limb here. Since they are hiring, im guessing they are understaffed, which means they are most likely busy pretty much all the time. Give them a chance, its not like there isnt any servers up.

If he is not a mod then I made a mistake. I mean the guy with the brown/orange name.

Regardless, a quick message from somebody in charge would be nice. Great game, bad customer service. EA is more helpful when you pay the half the money I paid for this game.

Pretty sure he’s just a Gold member

Doesn’t really make much sense. If I fancied being killed as soon as I spawn as well as increased Lag and nothing on that server I’d be the first in line.

Lets hope its up soon anyway :slight_smile: