EU servers, Ideal-hosting.

Hello there people and welcome!

I’ve been thinking this for a while now, and couldn’t see another thread about it, so I thought I would make one.
I have some questions about the EU servers, why does it say Ideal-hosting on ALL the EU servers but not on any other server, like the US, UK and Australia ones, why?
Are those servers not hosted by Ideal-hosting? If so, why is the EU ones being hosted that way?
Are the EU servers not being hosted by Rust themselves? :stuck_out_tongue: Or did the devs just forget to add “by Ideal-hosting” on the other servers?
Someone care to explain that to me?

Thanks in advance and keep being awesome! :slight_smile:

Hello Cookie,

let me clear up some questions: We’re a company providing PlayRust Servers for the PlayRust community and will at a later state start to host servers for anyone who is interested in. During the alpha it’s important that server software is tested for stability and the developers get important feedback while not being overran with angry server owners crying for a fix or to add a “give me everything” command. In advance, the gameplay should be the same on every server.

So: Yes, those servers are hosted by a third-party-company for Facepunch Studios.