EU + some other servers aren't showin on the server browser

Hey guys!

I’ve been trying to connect to Central Europe ( No sleepers server to play with my friend but I can only see the IP’s of most of the servers (not the names), needless to say that I can’t connect to the ones with the IP showing, however I can connect to the servers if their names are shown in the server browser.

This has been going on for 5 hours now and I’d really like to play, had a lot of things planned.

Hope some of you can help me out!

~ Gergő


I also noticed this trying to connect to PlayRust.EU (English Only), I connected to a VPN to get a different IP and was able to see the server.

This morning, I couldn’t see the server when trying to connect via the VPN, but could see if on my normal DSL.

Would appear like firewall issues blocking IP’s?

I don’t have a firewall installed so it’s not the issue.

Edit: Just called the internet provider and the problem seems to be on their end, waiting patiently to finally play :slight_smile:

The server firewall, not your firewall