[EU]SonsOfRust Server PVP |No durability/decay/wipes | RPG/Dynamic Market and tons more! look inside!

All are welcome:)


Just wiped today, will be the last time because before the wipe was testing of all the addons.
We only wipe if there really is no other way around it.


  • Friendly Admins
  • Starter Kit
  • Death Messages
  • Frags Counter
  • Extra resources & Animals (Custom placed by admin)
  • Dynamic Market System
  • RPG leveling & skills (L.E.S.)
  • Bounty system
  • Teleporting
  • Setting homes (45 sec waiting time to prevent combat logging)
  • Airdrops 2+
  • Fast Craft! (even faster at night)
  • No decay on most structures
  • No Wipes!!!
  • FPS boost
  • Cheatpunch
  • Enemies/Friends list
  • Hard to get explosives and lower damage
  • Ranking/stats system
  • Dongs are forced out xD
  • Remover
  • Show Damage system
  • No fall damage!
  • Fresh spawns PVP protection
  • /ping , /location
  • And more!

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SonsofRustserver