[EU] Start 01/05 - AutoAirdrop/Sleeper/Nolag/NoDura/ActiveAdmin/NoRemove

Hello, Hello,

Tired of all these server that wipe too often or do not have enough admins to ban these cheaters that reduce all the time spent on the server to 0 in 5 minutes, I decided to open my own server rust with a friend.

My server is a server without any additional plugin to play in a clean environment and especially without lags , it only has the RustEssentials plugin to allow a better setting of the game ( especially AirDrop ) and more flexibility in terms of admin commands.

It has been started the, 01.05.2014 , about 03:00PM , around ten / fifteen constant players in the evening, have some battles to smallrad and hangar, but I think there is still too much empty place , so I decided to advertise my server here.

No other wipe is provided, if you want a server where you can install with or without friends, without fear of losing everything overnight because of cheaters or wipe, you can join us, it’s my biggest problem as a player and I’ll do my best as admin to solve it.

There are only two rules on our server because we do not activate the plugin enabling remove, the grief is forbidden (as placing pillars to prevent players to build their house / block players in home laying foundation+3walls+1 ceiling at their only way out) Any other rush ( Pillar + Barricade / Foundation stairs ) is allowed.
In case of mishandling the use of a pillar, you can call an admin to remove it and give it back to you, without abusing however.
If you have been raid and a foundation that allowed placing stairs bothers you in pursuit of your construction, you can also call an admin to remove it.

The last rule is respect for other peoples, we all play in Rust, but we are human first and foremost, if you lose everything, there is no need to insult the opponent , sometimes you have to accept defeat and recover to take revenge :slight_smile:

Join us ! -> [ EU] Start 01/ 05 - 15h AutoAirdrop / Sleeper / Nolag / NoDura / ActiveAdmin


Thank you for reading me , hoping to see you here soon!

(User was banned for this post ("Make one thread ONLY for your server, not three. Use the original thread when you get unbanned." - postal))

Cmon guys !