EU Stormcrouch /pvp / starters kit / no sleep / location / fresh

EU Stormcrouch 50 slots
IP :
Hosted by nitrous-networks
Press F1 for open the console
Write > net.connect ( you can copy paste it also )
For paste into the console press ctrl + v ( for new people )

Friendly admins
DBCDeBacker & Sompelke5000 ( Belgium players )

Plugins :

Location ( find your location so people can find you ) You can use this site for the X , Z coordinates.
Starters kit
Door sharing ( share with people you want to share )
Ping ( you can check your ping )
Airdrops ( admin send sometimes an extra airdrop )

No abuse ( we hate admins that abuse there power ! )

You can speak the language that you will.

We are open for suggestions for making the server better.

Hope to see you on our brand new server ( Started on 6/02/2014 )
It’s fresh , pick your spot , claim it , defend it !

Stormcrouch is waiting for you :rock:

Need help ? We are here to help you.


Hope we can add fast the new update ( we are planning to add quests to the games to get rewards )
Waiting on the update from the plugin.

Greetings EU Stormcrouch