[EU/SWE] - 50%CT&DB/Airdrop+10/Sleepers/Oxide NEW 03.05!

Hello and welcome to the Alter Ego server. We are a group people that want to play with other active people whether on their own or in a group. We hope to build a large friendly community and we do not mind helping people with the game if they need it. This is a PVP server so no insulting in chat if you die, any hacking will result in an instant ban and there will be no admin abuse at all.

Server started today 05/03


  • PVP
  • Sleepers
  • Wipes | Only if Forced to
  • Admin | Active - No abuse
  • Air drops (Minimum 15 players on the server)
  • 50 Slots | Will be upgraded if needed
  • 20% crafttime and item durability
  • Doorsharing
  • Groups
  • Location
  • Beginner friendly! Feel free to ask admins for help
  • We have just built an arena in Resource Road (Big metal building)


  • No racism, flaming, insulting, cheating or exploiting.
  • Global chat is limited to English or Swedish


  • GalafTheGreen
  • Superholma
  • toby
  • Beast Suedy


  • We are hoping of getting a solid player base and would then be interested in starting some kind of Arena with events!

If this feels like a server for you feel free to join! See you on the field!

Come and join us!

Getting a few players now, need more!

Nice server with active admins, great stability and usefull features. Without a doubt this is one of the best servers I’ve played on. 10/10

Come on and join! Server is still young!



Great server guys! Keep up the good work :slight_smile: