[EU] Swecraft Gaming - [PVP/Sleepers/Active Admins]

Me and the guys at Swecraft Gaming decided it was time to toss up a Rust server because of how much fun we’ve had with the game. So here it is :slight_smile: Its up for everyone to join and do what they want to do, it seems to give good pings to people all the way over in america as well so there should be no problem for most players
Name: [EU]SEGaming Public[PVP/Sleepers]
Slots: 250 (Might lower to make the server a bit more friendly)(150)
PVP: Yes
Sleepers: Yes
Address: eude30.playrust.eu:28025

To connect to the server without having to search the browser go to the main menu and hit F1 then type “'net.connect eude30.playrust.eu:28025” INTO THE CONSOLE!

Active admins, sleepers (no pvp loggers! :p), etc.

I’m interested in applying for admin is that an option?

It will be we have a select few that are active already and also the game so far seems to do a good job at banning the general scripters.

We will be taking in more admins as soon as you can set up certain restrictions for rCon which prevent admins from spawning in items etc since we want a clean server with an even playing field.