[EU] SweRust | PvP | Doorshare | 25% Craft | Wiped 25.01 (TODAY!)

Play Rust with us on the SweRust gameserver!
European based server location and friendly players.

We are looking for friendly members who will be active in our server. Our number one priority is to provide an excellent gaming experience for all involved. We will take into account any server recommendations posted to our website forums. If you like knowing your voice will be heard and put into effect, then SweRust is the server for you.

**Rust Server Information: **
Server Name: [EU] SweRust | PvP | Doorshare | 25% Craft | 25.01

**To connect manually: **

  1. Within the Rust start screen hit “f1”
  2. Type in “net.connect” and hit “enter”
  3. Should immediately connect you to the server as long as a spot is open.

**Server Enhancements: **

  1. 25% (.25) crafting time
  2. Starter kit - that includes a hatchet and ten cooked chicken breasts to get you going. (just type /kit starter)
  3. Door Sharing - makes it easy to group up and work together (just type /share )
  4. Sleeper - means your body may be killed and looted while offline (keep yourself safely behind a locked door)

ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY: Absolutely no hackers, exploiting, or cheating of any kind; these actions and behavior will result in perm ban. All parties that have been affected by a hacker will have their items restored as per server logs.

Server Wipe Information: After 3 weeks online we decided to wipe the server 25th. So a fresh start for everyone!




Some questions…

Current pop?
PVP, how much pvp is tolerated? We like to kos a lot and loot everything we come across.
Admins: Are they active, do they play, if they do what steps are taken to prevent corrupt bullshit?
Where is the server located? In Sweden perhaps?
What mechanics are you using to force cheaters out?

Why did you wipe?

Keep in touch! Swedish communities is always nice since our team is Swedish!

Some answers!

Airdrops when the playeramount is over 15, so pretty much everyday. (Its default to not have more than 1 each day)

Current pop is around 30~ players online at all times, maybe 15-20 during low and 40-50 or even 60 during peak.

Any amount of PVP is tolerated, you are free to do whatever you want. The only thing i’m against is heavy griefing such as building doors inside other peoples houses. (Wooden doors and anything else breakable with melee is OK, of course)

I’m the only admin and i don’t play at all, im only fixing stuff in and around the server.

Server is located in Stockholm.

Defaultmechanic (the only usable apart from whitelist), kicks and logs anything “suspicious” such as jumphacks, speedhacks etc. Most serverowners forget to add the paremeter to activate this, however i have added it.

No forum or homepage at this moment. :slight_smile:

Hopefully that’ll shed some light on the matter.

The server is great and the admin is great! I can recommend it to anyone and it was wiped today, 2 hours ago which is awesome!

Join in on the fun!

35+ players online right now, join in!

Actually its over 40 atm :slight_smile: \o/

47 now… server getting big. :slight_smile:

Yea just joined and its pretty much an overall Active and fun server no matter what the Clock is… great job :slight_smile:

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of DandyMack used to compliment his own servers and bump his threads..." - postal))

Thanks man, yea we’re having a blast in here. :slight_smile:

Omg, 80 players now!

Insane man. :slight_smile:

Thanks for banning the god damn cheaters!