We’d like to invite everyone to play and have fun on our new 100 slot Rust server:

net.connect rust.talkGEEK.net:28075 or net.connect

The talkGEEK community are a group of experienced gamers who love to game online with friends, and talk a lot of geek in various interests. We are a relaxed mature EU/US gaming community, with a great atmosphere. We are full of dedicated gamers, from all sorts of backgrounds, banding together for the greater good of games, while having a whole bunch of fun on the way. Also, community recruitment is open and all skills are welcome.

Check out our website @ http://www.talkGEEK.net or join our public Teamspeak @ ts.talkGEEK.net:7257

We run the Oxide mod on our server with the following plugins:

  • Basic Economy
  • Bounty
  • Chat History
  • Death Handler
  • Door Sharing
  • Groups
  • List Players
  • Private Messaging
  • Teleportation Requests

We are always making tweaks and enhancements to the server, and also open to any specific user requests. Thank you and have fun!

Really good server, recommended

a really nice server

My best server, fairly play :wink: