[EU] Techsource.dk / Nosleep / Airdrop / InstaCraft / Starterkits / Friendly Staff

A few days ago, our Clan “Techsource” bought a Rust-Server. And now we are finally online.
Actually we have about 3-5 Players per Day, but we think our Server deserves more!

So if you searching for a Server with:

  • Friendly Admins (NO ABUSE)
  • PvP
  • No Sleep
  • Rust Essentials
  • TPA
  • Airdrops
  • Instacraft
  • 2 Starterkits: Normal & M4
  • No Lag

so Join us! IP: (just press F1 Ingame and type in: net.connect

We have a Forum where you can post Suggestions or Apply for Mod (We’re searching for Staff! www.techsource.dk)
and a Teamspeak³-Server, where you can talk with your friends! (IP: techsource.dk)

The Server is located in Germany and most of our Staff comes from Denmark or Norway, so its an Europe-Server!