[EU]Th(RUST)ed PvP wiped: 30.12.13

I started a new Server.

Open Console with F1 and type in: net.connect

Facts about the Server:

  • 200 Slots
  • Server ist an EU-Server
  • PVP: On
  • Sleepers: Off
  • Oxide installed (door share/motd…)
  • No Admin Abuse!
  • Airdrops
  • completely new Server: Noone exept me build there!
  • Starterpackage for new People. First 10 People which write me when i am on get this Package (Me = Spitzwegerich)
  • Chance to become a Admin - looking for some Admins.
  • Only English/German on the server allowed.

I would be glad if I see you there :slight_smile:

Regards :slight_smile:



Server got patched and works again after the attacks :slight_smile:

Perfectly for new players - if you have questions easily ask in the chat :slight_smile:

Update - wiped yesterday - Oxide installed!

New Mod: Door share!
Wiped on 11.01.2014




Emailsupport added - if you have any problems or suggestions - there is a mailbox.

The adress can you see in the message of the day.