[EU] The Edge |Wiped 06.06|PvP|InstaCraft|NoDura|Remove|

WIPED 28 June

Server IP:

The Edge Rust Sever has been running since the middle of March 2014 and we are not going anywhere!

We have active mature admins who are experienced, helpful and fair. We do not accept donations to help keep everything honest.

Our goals:

  • Offer and maintain a server were lag, downtime and player annoyances are kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Create a server that rewards clever skilled play but works hard to eliminate hacking and griefing.
  • Find a balance between allowing players to go to war with others if they wish and taking it too far.

Website: http://edge.guildwork.com

Server details:

  • EU Server
  • PvP
  • Sleepers on
  • Instant Crafting
  • Durability is off (Items and armour do not degrade)
  • Building decay will be slowed down whenever possible
  • Airdrop (currently) 20 player minimum
  • Increased daytime, decreased night-time
  • No fall damage (mostly just to reduce reconnects)
  • Advanced damage and speed logging (helps admins to catch/ban hackers)
  • Looting and explosive use logging (helps admins catch glitch/hack raiders)
  • Shared Game Kicker (kicks family shared accounts often used by hackers)


  • Location and autotraking (/location)
  • Chat history (/history)
  • Cheatpunch
  • Death Handler (announces deaths)
  • Door Sharing (/share playername, /unshare playername)
  • Game time (/time)
  • Remove Tool (/remove and hit object that is on your foundation)
  • Player List (/players for list of players online)
  • Private Messaging ("/pm playername" or “/re” to reply)
  • Server Rules and Info (/server)
  • Top Rust Server Voter Reward (/reward)

Server Rules:

  • No hacking or glitching
  • Do not glitch into anything (rocks or bases)
  • Door holding, pillarcading, destroying sleeping bags is allowed
  • You can block/trap players in their base with barricades only (no spikes or shelters)
  • Do not exploit glitches or the remove tool in base construction (no ramp, rock, or remove tool bases)
  • Do not steal other players names
  • If your base causes excessive lag, you will be asked to downsize
  • No racism, bigotry (homophobic language), or spamming the chat
  • If you want to take up an issue with an admin, do it via steam chat only please
  • If you are accused of cheating, you may be asked to stream

We wiped on 29 June, come and join us!