[EU] Total Mods l 9mm Starting pack l 10+ Mods l Airdrop l Noob Friendly l Active Admin l English Only

Hey guys i would like to invite you to the EU Total Mods Server We have be running the server for just shy of a week now, we are know for our DayZ and Minecraft servers we hosted in the past with great success.

We took on a Rust server for the love and passion we have for the game. Our direction in Rust has taken us down the modding route hence the name, we feel it brings alot to the game without ruin it at the same time, our server feels balanced and professional.

A few mods we have added:

Started packs with a limited use to get people started ( **we have set some great items including a small gun for you to have a chance on the server )
Player list type /list in game to see if your friends or enermys are playing

Group Chat so you can talk between friends and plan attacks

Build Remove if you make a mistake building you can remove the mistake for a limited time

Extended Antidecay your houses last longer without need of repair

Death Messages See who the killers are on the server and who not to trust

Fps Boost A mod that makes the server and your PC run alot smoother without stutters and lag

Location /location in game to see where you are and find friends
loads more

The server has a active player base of 15 - 20 players on at one time with over 600 players joined in a week but there is plenty of room for more to join and get involved.

Bases are there to be raided and quite spots are still there for the taking, so set up and get a name for yourself on here.

We take suggestions by you guys on what new mods we should add and what mods we should remove, you play on the server make it a place you want to stay and have your say. All the admins are 25 years old + with thousands of hours in gaming admin experience across a variety of online games

If you want to join our server hit F1 in the main menu and paste **net.connect **

Our Steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/serverukrust See you in game Thanks for reading.

Vote for us at Top Rust Servers http://toprustservers.com/server/10651

See you in game Thanks for reading.


Great server with alot of fun players! Full of intrigues, helpful players and fun gathertings from time to time )))

this is a good EU choice for mods and the fps booster

It’s a good server and the mods have added a nice edge to the game! I have to say everyone is friendly even when killing eachother and it is very nice to have an Admin that doesn’t abuse his powers!!

Thanks for the feedback fellas :smile:


25 on atm come join


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