[EU] Trinity [FRESH SERVER 26.01.14][Noob Friendly][50% Craft Time]


Server IP:
If you can’t find name in server list hit F1 and type: net.connect

RustOxide API

Running RustOxide which is a developer API, it allows for infinite possibilities to make modifications to the rust server.

PvP/50% Craft/AirDrops

Crafting is 50% faster, Random airdrops occur.


Join many quests and complete objectives to earn additional rewards.


There is a working economy within Trinity, Buy/Sell items, Display your balance, send money to others!


server has special mode which will automatically detect and it will kick or ban on any hack attempt.

Custom Commands

Private message your friends, Display the players online, Chat History and more!

[Player List]
/list - Shows all the players connected to the server.

[Chat History]
/history – Displays last 20 messages in chat.

[Private Messaging]
/pm [player] [message] – Private messages (PM) a player

/gcreate [Name] – Create a group with this name
/gdelete – Delete a group
/ginvite [Playername] – Invite a player to your group
/gcancel – Cancel the Invitation (Sender and Receiver can do it!)
/gaccept – Accept the invitation
/gleave – Leave your current group
/g [Message] – Sends group message
/gwho – Shows online group members
/ghelp – Group help commands
/ginfo – Shows the group name and member count
/glist – Shows a list of all groups (names)