[EU] UGN Gamers - AntiCheat| NoDura |1/2Craft |NoAdminAbuse | New Server 21/5/14

Welcome to Unique Gaming Network!

Our server is a place where you can enjoy a pretty hacker free/exploit free experience. Of course hackers always manage to get onto servers within Rust, even ours but they are promptly dealt with. We do our best to keep potential hackers out by filtering players with previous VAC bans (1 year or less). If you are subject to loss due to a hack or exploit our admins will do their best to compensate you for your losses (We all hate losing stuff to these idiots!) Our admin team are fair and friendly so feel free to ask for help anytime!

Our Server is 200 slots with a public 200 slot mumble voice server, Our admins are dedicated to stopping hackers and cheaters but DO NOT play and watch over the server remotely so there is no real interference to the gameplay.

A few of our Mods are as follows :

Remove - So you can finally get rid of that misplaced pillar!
Door Share - No more password crackers!
Groups - PM your friends and stop friendly fire (it happens to the best of us)
Economy - Earn in game cash and buy items in the market
Voter - Get rewards for Voting
Anti-Cheat plug-ins, Log tools etc for us to keep the server as clean as possible for you guys!

Rules :

No advertising (Auto Kick)
No hacks (Auto Ban)
No Exploits of any kind! (This includes ramp piling, Pillarcades, Bear force Fields, Wall Looting etc etc… Basically anything that would not really be possible within the laws of physics)
No grieving other players (No barricading doors etc (Unless raiding))
We have minors play on our servers so please keep bad language to a minimum
Commands given by Staff MUST be followed!

We have no tolerance for idiotic players, Play nice or be shown the door!

This is a clean fresh server so get a head start! (We already have a few people settling down)


I started on this server yesterday. So far when ever a player has asked a question or had a problem, the admins have dealt with it efficiently and quite professionally. 1 Player couldn’t connect to the server because they had a VAC Ban from 900 and something days ago. I like the fact players who have cheated on other games can’t connect to the server unless allowed to. The admins have really taken the time to reduce the risk of hackers and cheaters on this server.

I’d definitely recommend this server to anyone. It’s been that nice playing on this server that I’ve barely slept since it went online lol.

Great server, attentive admins that do not play on the server prevents abuse while still keeping the hackers at bay!

After multiple requests we were ask to create a battlefield style server…

We dont want instant full armoured guys so we put it in between… You get a chance to build yet plenty of Signals… WELCOME TO OPERATION AIRDROP!

Come join the fun!