We revamped an old server, and throw some wild mods at it. Before i begin to talk about the mods, i would like to say that we are Mature (but still playful) admins, and we are only three atm. In our opinion, there can be too many admins on one server. We do this to have fun, and invite you along. Now, lets look at the mods:
Missions (kill wildlife to gain stuff)
Levels (train different skills, f.ex +1 dmg to the bow)
Remove tool
Group feature
Decay sets in after two weeks
No durability dmg
A general fun time is guaranteed
I hope you will consider us. We dont wipe often. Only when needed, and we are always willing to lend a hand. BUT REMEMBER, this is a pvp server, so do expect some rough encounters.
Never has an Admin abused his powers, and the day it happens, we lose an admin. Simple.

Greetings Del.