EU\UK | Fresh Server | Active Admins | PVP | Sleeper | Fun Times

Hey everyone, a few friends and myself wanted to start our own fresh server due to either facing hackers on other servers or admins abusing or not dealing with issues. We promise as admins to be active, helpful and most of all we will not interfere with your inter workings.

Server Name: EU/UK|NewServer|PVP/SLEEP
Connect Via F1 Console: net.connect

What we can offer:
-100 slot Server.
-A friendly community for new players and experienced alike.
-Active and helpful admins that do not abuse their role.
-Teamspeak3 or Mumble comms will be arranged if we receive interest.
-PVP and Raiding: Enabled
-Sleeping: Enabled
-Future fun events if people want them.

So come join us and have lots of fun :slight_smile:

Currently the server is having problems due to the consistent DDOS. However, we have had a few players join and start their adventure! Will be back up asap.

please turn it uP fast

The Server is back online and carrying on as normal. Everything is at it was before the server attacks so come and play :slight_smile: