[EU/UK] RUSTZONE -08/03|PVP|NoDurability|ActiveAdmins|NoAbuse|

RustZone, a place to call home for the old and the new

Our Website:
http://www.rustzone.net ( Still under construction ) For now it will only redirect you to our forums.

Rustzone is a community that welcome both new and old rust players. We are a friendly community and our admins are dedicating as much time as they can to, and the do not abuse any of their powers in any condition. We are also hosting events every weekend for our players to have something different to our server and let the new players have a chance to win some extra resources to get started in this whole new world! So are you looking for a new server and wondering if this would be a good choice for you? Join us and find out today!

Server Rules

  1. No Hacking of any kind. ( If you get caught hacking you will be banned within seconds of time from all our servers and any other Rust Zone associated events.)

  2. Be respectful of other players and admins
    This should be self-explanatory

  3. No racism
    This also applies to homophobic slurs

  4. Keep it English
    Just so everyone can understand each other :slight_smile:

Server Details

Player Slots - 100
Gamemode - Vanilla (No external mods installed and crucial settings are on default)
PVP - On and Encouraged!
Airdrops - Set at 15 players
Sleepers - On
Last Wipe - 08.03
Admins - Extremely active (Almost 24/7)

Heard enough? Open your game up and hit “F1” then copy the following in : net.connect

Our Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/rustzone

Our Website: http://www.rustzone.net

Our Forums: http://www.rustzone.net/forum