[EU/UK] [SPES] Vanilla Rust / No Wipes / All Welcome



This is our Rust Server. All Welcome.

  • Vanilla Rust (for stability and smoother upgrades)
  • No Wipe
  • Sleepers
  • Regular Admin (in case of lag, hackers etc.)
  • No kicks (except hackers).


I like the look of this!

Awesome, plenty of people building on there now. As it’s a UK server people tend to be on in the evening GMT.

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Also if you see [SPES] Leman Russ just avoid him. He will kill you on site.

Just a heads up. We actively encourage raiding and have actively helped “rivals” by providing research kits that we found so that they have the capability to raid us.

We DO NOT use our admin powers for anything other than kicking people we have seen hacking.