[EU/UK] The Golden Rust (Fairplay/Active Admins/No Wipes)

Press F1 and type:

Our Fresh New 100 Slot server is up today!

Want to join a server with Active Admins! No admin abuse and of course no hackers? You came to the right place! We welcome all who are looking forward to a server with lots of fun, realistic loot and mature players/admins.
So join our server today and be a part of the community! We are always looking for new ways to improve the server! Start today on a new server and you are more than welcome to invite your friends.
We hope to see you very soon!

-who (see how many players are online)
-History (previous chat entries)
-Players (list of connected players)
-pm (send a private message)
-re (reply to the last private message)
-rules (list of the server rules)
-shelp (stats - Shows kill/death statistics on server)
-Location (shows your location)
-Great Starter Kit

Other Features:
-Air drops set to 20 players
-UK Based
-Realistic Loot

We look forward to seeing you on The Golden Rust Server.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post them here as they will be checked frequently.