[EU/UK] Vanilla NEW 14/03/2014 [PVP/Sleepers/Admins/Airdrops]

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Hey guys!

Just bought a new server yesterday evening, and want to try and get it populated over the weekend!

About Me:
I’m 25, I’ve been the admin on 4 Rust servers so far with no accusations of admin abuse and zero tolerance for hackers/cheats. I consider myself friendly and funny and hopefully you’ll get to see that on the server :slight_smile:

About the Server:
100 Slots
UK/EU Based, nice low ping! (Located in France, But I get a lower ping than on my other server which is London and I’m in the UK)
Airdrops @ 25
PVP ON, Sleepers ON, Vanilla.
Server is backed up automatically every 15 minutes, and manually twice daily. This enables me to keep a ‘no wipe’ world. Sometimes facepunch/server hosts wipe their servers when updates are released, this way I can have a copy of the world you guys have created to UPLOAD in case this ever happen. This guarantees you’ll never be far behind where you were IF any incidents happened. I aim to provide a stable and solid server you can build and play on without worry of your progress disappearing :slight_smile:

I will be playing on this server just like you guys, getting to know you, and in time, recruiting admins from you. It’s a big task to admin a server by oneself, therefore I’ll be approaching players with the qualities I’d like in an admin.

See you guys on the plains!

good server, much enjoy, so wow. no hackers or anything, friendly admins

This server is great, really happy playing on it and not seen a single hacker. I know the Admin who made this post and he is always fair. Great job man!

Closing in on that server first airdrop! get online! :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone in this server need an extra teammate? I’m looking for a group, 400 hours of Rust and I’m 20 years old with mic, skype and all that stuff. Always playing alone but I’m kinda done with that :wink:

Up to 35+ atm! Going great glad you guys are enjoying it!

Lots of people setting up some good bases! Plenty of airdrops going on!

server peaked at 91 today. Great day with lots of action!