<EU> [UR][Wiped 7/03]Sleeper,PVP,Airdrops,Kits,Oxide!"


Fresh new server!
The server is completly empty and has opened on 07/03/2014, therefor it is a fresh start for everyone!
No abusive admins and no gamebreaking donation rewards!



200 player slots!
Maximum capacity, for maximum fun!

Airdrops happen frequently and in addition mass drops occur from time to time aswell!

No lag!
Server host is strong enough and is getting payed enough to host the server without lag!

Active administration!
Currently there are 2 administrators active on the server: Mikey the Beast & StefanNL.
Mods will be appointed in the future, depending on the progress of the server!

Raiding is alot more fun if you can find people hiding inside a house, sleeping on the floor :slight_smile:
Hide yourself good or put your treasure into a secret hidden house!

Rust, would not be Rust without the PVP aspect.

Oxide commands:

    • Home*:
      Allows the player to use /sethome, which can be used as a teleport to the place youve set home. The home teleport has a 600 seconds cooldown.
    • Starter kits*:
      By using /kit starter, you can obtain basic material to start your path on our server.
    • Doorsharing*
      A simple command which allows you to share doors with your friends! e.x /share Maccer
    • Airdrops *
      Airdrops, set on 10 players minimum to be online.
      Mass airdrop events during the peak hours!!
    • Remover tool*
      Misplaced that pillar on your foundation? Use /remove and hit it with your rock! Can only be used on your own structures.
    • Group plugin*
      Allows you to form groups on the server, making it so people that are in your group can be contacted in a seperate chat and immune to damage from other groupmembers!
    • Crafttime*
      Decreased crafttime to 50% for faster raiding, building & surviving!

Further plugins or changes might happen in the future.

Everyone is welcome to have a great time and alot of fun!!

Server information:

Bump, require active people to get the server rollin!


Bump, need survivors!