[EU/US] T-rust [PVP|Sleepers|RareC4|Arena|Nodurability|Wiped 04/03/2014

We want everyone to have a chance to get into the game
So get your affairs in order and come be the first to build.!!

Join us by by using your console( press f1 put -> net.connect
and hit enter:)


*Its a 100 Slot server so bring some friends!

Our Server offers…

*Essentials (Latest Versions)

*Active non abusive admins
*GREAT Starter kit to ease you into action
*We do not tolerate racism.
*Mature player base
*Experienced Rust Server Owner
*no killing of fresh spawns
*Advanced Base Building
*extremely helpful players
*good server for new comers

Airdrops will be set to a number that matches our population during peak hours.