[EU-USA] Eternity SERVER [OXIDE/Sleepers/PvP/Door Sharing/Active Admins/AirDrops/Events]


Welcome Everyone :smile:

Me and my friends are currently working on a good server , we help new players too start easily , more informations here :

Active Admins
Door Sharing
Dueling Events
Admin Gifts
Mass Airdrops/ Random Airdrops/ Mass Random Drops

Plugins on the Server:

  • Players List : You can see all the players connected to the server.
  • Tickets : You can open ONE ticket and one admin will respond you.
  • Nudity ON : This plugin disable the Nudity Censor and “Rust alpha” Banner from all players that come on the server!

You can connect to the server with F1 and the command bellow : net.connect

Thanx for reading me :smile:

Up :slight_smile: You are welcome :slight_smile:

Up :))

up :slight_smile: