[EU] Vendetta Server (nosleep,instacraft [Oxide: Homes, Starter Kit, Economy, Bounties, Military weapon restrictions, groups, friends]

Hi guys, i manage a 50 player server and we are looking to get it populated (15-20 regulars at peak at the moment)

We have all the plugins mentioned above also Airdrops from 15+ players. everything shotguns and up is restricted to loot drops
as we found nobody ever tried using the pipe shotguns and hand cannons for lols :slight_smile: C4and grenades are also limited to airdrops.

However things can be purchased through the economy plugin.

The server was wiped last thursday and there isnt a huge population so its still good for new players.

Admins(all over 30) - jaggeh, Wiis, Stimey

Check out our Arenas (thinking of adding arena plugin too)

There is also a teamspeak server for regulars to use

Looks like a good server, mature admins and a quickly growing community.

Worth a shot.

Pretty Friendly Admins and PPl.at least i didn’t got KOS.

We try and run a mature server ,if a building is abandoned we will remove the doors so new tenants can move in…We also can provide you with an Arena experience if you want,just contact an admin and schedule a time…New players will receive help from admins to get started if asked,More of a softcore PVP experience …Join us anytime…Best Regards , Stimey

Still looking for more players. All are welcome.