[EU] Welcome Home | PvP, Custom drops, Commands, 10+ hour VIPs, IP blacklist, Chocolate enhanced


Welcome home!
This server created by bloodisgood.org, a gaming community with over a decade of hosting experience, is unlike any others. If you are interested in a unique interpretation
of Vanilla Rust we’d like to invite you to join our server. No mods were used in making this server.

Press F1 and type

net.connect bloodisgood.org:**28015**



We at Blood is Good aim to make unique servers for the most possible fun. We are working hard every day
to maintain and improve the quality of our online services. On this server, things work a little bit different
than what you’re used to. You may have been on a thousand Rust servers but ours is unlike any of them.

We have about 12 years of game server hosting and modding experience with our own team of skilled
developers, admins and community managers giving their best to bring the most fun gaming servers
to your internets.


Our admins are available 24/7 in #BiG| in Quakenet. The in-game chat also is mirrored to #BiG|rust|pvp. You can visit us in either channel.
To contact admins from within the game you can use the /report command which will send a message to all mobile phones of our admins and we will respond as soon as possible.

Player graph of the last 4 days


Top 50 active VIPs by play time


Find more statistics like these on our statistics page.

Get a free yournick@bloodisgood.org email address when playing on our server!

Our ban list (with API for admins of other servers): http://bloodisgood.org/rust/blog/ban-list/

We can confirm that we have no lagg issues because of the day/night issue.
Our Players enjoying now the full Vanilla Rust experience.

Greetz Kanlo


We are now 1 Admin, 1 Chiefadmin and 2 Moderators.
Please tell your problems to BiG|Raven aka LordGachl, BiG|Kanlo aka Kanlo, SalaTfisten and last but not least Tankton.
I hope you are enjoying the Fun on our Server. We are working hard that you can play without any issue! If you have one, we are here to help you. Mostly 24/7 !

I want to also thank to our Playerbase. They are Supporting us in any ways.
We Try to do the best what our Community wants. They want a wipe and we did it, but the focus was our New System. We wanted a Wipe to Initiate our new System.

Greetz Kanlo

Join us now :wink:

It’s fairly calm at the moment with around 20 players online. It’s a good time to farm and make a base that withstands the c4 and to collect all blueprints :slight_smile:

We hear on a daily basis from our users that our servers offer one of the best unmodded rust experiences. Join us and find your new home on our server too!

Greetz Kanlo

Latest improvements:

  • Reduced announcement times from one minute to 2.5 minutes
  • Shortened text of time announcements

Latest improvements:

  • TS3 server now has 512 slots
  • Show TS3 and Rust server status banners on website

Greetz Kanlo


  • Disabled giving karma to own group members (groups shouldn’t be able to push their own karma)

This is a great server, I have been playing on it since a few months. I’ve yet to see a server where admins are as objective and non-abusive as this one. The admin is a programmer who’s made his own addons that only work on rcon, works like a charm.

Steady playerbase, no abuse, no hackers, low ping.
Dont believe me? Come join us! :smile:

thanks! we’re hosting this server not for us but for the players, we won’t ban anyone prematurely based on accusations. proof and proper arguments are key on our server.

Latest improvements:

  • PvP Fixed and improved chat log on website
  • PvP Added top 100 players on website
  • PvP Tab out and tab in messages (only for fullscreen)
  • PvP Player disconnection timeout handling

these changes will gradually become part of PvE too.

Greetz Kanlo

All server messages, commands and the website are both in English and in German.

Upgraded PvP to 200 slots, moved to a new IP and Port. Note, pvp.bloodisgood.org may take up to 4 hours to update, use the IP if net.connect does not work.

PvP: net.connect

We merged all changed from PvP to PvE, the two servers are now essencially equal again.

Greetz Kanlo

People are suggesting to move away from the German stuff and only allow English in the server chat.

So we have updated our servers and removed all German text from where it would show the same text in both languages (announces and such). There’s still personalised text when using commands in the corresponding language.

We will be discussing the matter of the allowed chat language tonight and see what we can do. Also, we are looking to translate all personalised messages in more languages, if you’re interested in translating some texts for us from English into your native language please contact us.

We’re looking specifically for:
but all European languages are helpful.

Furthermore we have added the player list to PvE as we think there’s no reason to hide it there.

Also, many people think just because they say somebody is hacking, this person will be banned right away. This is not how things work. If you think somebody is hacking, there’s a ton of other things that could have happened. The only way to know somebody is hacking is to watch him do something properly impossible and by seeing their name. We won’t ban without proof so take screenshots (mash F12) or videos (twitch/fraps). You simply can not expect us to ban people based on accusations. If someone is being accused we’re investigating anyway by checking their steam profile, friends, activity and their violation code statistic and by stalking them in-game. But no proof no ban, that’s it.

We made a third server

Pure Death - Unlimited ammo


You will automatically get:

  • Full Kevlar
  • P250
  • M4
  • Shotgun
  • Bolt Action Rifle
  • All weapon mods
  • All ammo
    You will get this every 10 seconds, so you will never run out of ammo.

It’s only for fun while we have the server, so if you want to learn how to aim in rust, this is a great server to practise.

This server will run for the next 13 days.

Greetz Kanlo

People seem to confuse our PURE DEATH with PvE, not sure why.
Please note this thread has **THREE **DIFFERENT SERVERS!

It’s pretty clear:
pvp.bloodisgood.org:28450 is PvP
pve.bloodisgood.org:28400 is PvE
pud.bloodisgood.org:28015 is PURE DEATH

If you connect to pud and expect to land on PvE, you’re gonna have a bad time.