[Eu] WePlayRust PvP [Wiped6/2][OxiDe][InstaCraft][Anti-Hack]


Come and join our server!
This server was wiped on the 6th Feb, to allow for all players to start fresh after zombie update!
-No Hackers on our server!!
-Admin 24/7
-Friendly players, willing to help out new starters
-Mature Admins, No Abuse!! ( reason we bought this server)
-Groups (join with your friends to have even more fun)
-Extra events (team battles, king of the hill, FFA, etc)
-Hourly airdrops
-Some of us make Machinimas and record videos for YouTube
-Addons are discussed before adding

So if your looking to play on a friendly and fair server away from all the Hackers then don’t look no further than this server. To join you need to follow these steps.
Open up Rust
On the main menu press F1
Type net.connect
This is the final post for our server