[EU] Wipe 2.5| PvP | Oxide | Noob Friendly | Active Admins | Sleepers | Airdrops | Remove

We created a new server with my friend mainly because we got tired of abusive admins and constant hacking on other servers. Our server is located in Sweden so almost everyone in Europe should have good ping here and we have 2 active admins playing daily. Admin abuse kills the server really fast so we will never do that and we do everything to help people daily. We have about 30 daily players here. Here’s the details of the server:
-2.5 wipe
-Remove tool
-1/2 dura/craft
-Noob friendly
-Airdrops +15
-Active admins
-No abuse
-Craftable C4
If you are interested, just press F1 in rust and write: **net.connect **in console.