[EU] Wiped 06/01! Noob friendly! Oxide! - PVP/InstaCraft/Sleepers

Hello fellow survivors!

After playing for a while with my comrades, we couldn’t find a server good enough. (Active admins, no hackers etc.)
So we gave it a shot and put up our own server!

About our server
-Located in London
-Server is pretty fresh, we started 06.01.2014
-Oxide mod, share your doors with fellow survivors and closest friends
-PVP 24/7, we like the idea of survival of the fittest and raiding houses
-Instant Crafting, get to the fun faster
-Sleepers is currently on, if we spot too many hackers in the middle of the night killing sleeping people, we will turn it off
-Airdrops start at 5 people
-Main language in chat and voice is English
-50 Slots at the moment, can always upgrade, though I don’t like the idea of an overpopulated server (attracts hackers)
-Active and friendly admins, 4 of my closest friends, which means 0 abuse
-Zero tolerance against hackers, racists, abuse

At the moment we have ~10 active players who play this every day, I hope you guys give it a shot.

How to connect
Open up your Rust press F1 and paste net.connect to your console.
Or find us by the name [EU] Wiped 06/01! Noob friendly! Oxide! - PVP/InstaCraft/Sleepers.

We also have a Mumble server where you can ask help or report a hacker.
The IP is and port 18237.



Will try it out , seems good server .

Nice to see new people on the server.
Thanks for playing :slight_smile:

NP :slight_smile:

Join us 20+ players already. Having fun XD

Shameless BUMP


Some people had problems connecting to the server.
Restarted it, should be fixed now.
Have fun! :slight_smile:

Bump :stuck_out_tongue:

good server Bump

yes! rly good server

Bumperino, no pasterino


Bump :slight_smile:

Bump 15 players active

Server seems to be down since yesterday??