[EU] Wiped 15/01 - RareMilitary/DoorShare/InstaCraft/Sleeper

[EU/DE] 21/01 - RareMilitary/DoorShare/InstaCraft/PvP/kit

Tired of everyone shooting at you with M4 or C4 down ur house all the time? WE´RE ALSO!
RareMilitaryWeapons makes it possible! The “overpowered” weapons and c4 are rare and need some time to be found!
This server is perfect for EVERYONE!
Beginners, builders, group/solo player and for sure also for PvP’ers since we run all mods u need!

>1< Rare Military weapons gives u the chance to build up and settle down!
BUT also the chance to go for raids after some lucky spawns! Also airdrops keep the game interesting and “bloody” if u want :D!
>2< Crafting C4 is disabled (Only at Airdrops with increased drop rate)
>3< DoorShare allows u to build with friends and keep the ways clean!
>4< InstaCraft helps u to get settl’d faster!
>5< Sleeper keep the game interesting since u cant abuse the combatlogout!
>6< Private Message and viewable Player Count.
>7< The admin and the interactive server on its own keep the server safe from abuses, hacks, glitches, dupes
or even adminabuse since we run the Oxminmod where the admin can ban but cannot spawn things into the game!

Slots: 100
Airdrops: On (10 players min)
Sleepers: On
Crafting Speed: Instant
Time Scale: Standard


Searching for new players!


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Wiped Last Night so

  • Active Admins

We searching for People…
Need some who would play here, that we can build a good server.
but at my moment all go in and leave :frowning:

We have last Night 7+ players all time,
and peak was 12 we have a good fight at airdrop wit pistols and bows.

I hope today we get some more new Players

New Day, New Luck :slight_smile:



This server is not good.
Yesterday it was down for almoste 24h besauce admins wasnt on.

You can also craft M4`s…

Find another server!

This Yesterday was not my fault i was on but cant connect to the HFB Control Panel because this was down. Sry about yeah you can Craft M4 but only per research and Very low % chance to drop the m4 and a research kit.

Because Yesterday´s Update we wiped the server.
and we change some Values
New is /kit
and we reduce the % that drop military weapons and research kit.