[EU] WIPED 26.01. - Testrun until new launch on 31.01.CET 19:00 more info on www.rustyfied.eu

Hi guys,
we started a new server and we are running a test cycle from today (wiped 26.01) until Friday 31.1 19:00 CET - then the server will go live and will be wiped officially.
All server settings are listed on www.rustyfied.eu

Most important ones: Sleeper/Oxide/PVP/active admins (DE/EN)/no craft restrictions

join us now:

Happy rusting!
Rustyfied.eu Admin Team



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just a day left for the official wipe and launch - be prepared! Official launch and wipe happening tmrw Friday 31. Jan 19:00 CET… join tmrw:

all infos on www.rustyfied.eu