[EU] Zockerbude 3.0 [PVP/Airdrop/Sleppers/Crafting 50%]


We Are The Best Multi Language Server Your Going To Find!

Quality friendly server looking for active players to join us below is a list of features that the server offers:

-24/7 ADMIN ( We do our best to make sure there is always an admin available to help u with any questions you have or help you may need

-NO ADMIN ABUSE (Our admins want to play and enjoy the game just as much as all our players on this server and refuse to allow any admin abuse at any time)

-NO HACKERS (Hackers are severely frowned apon in this server and anyone suspected of hacking will be IMMEDIATELY banned)

-NO GRIEFERS (Nothing is worse then starting on a new server and being harassed by players that have put time into the server that being said any constant harrassment of particular players is forbidden)

-FRIENDLY SERVER (This server is a very friendly server even bandits who raid peoples houses are friendly whether they are your enemy in game or not)

-Server TeamSpeak (