Eugucus and scriptfodder and Facepunch

After reverencing many messages from two mysterious steam users, after I made certain posts on the facepunch forum. I have come to the conclusion there is some sort of network or system going on here.

**IF you are a big server man friends with everyone type of guy who im referring to then you will immediately get what I am talking about. If not you probably think this is a crazy post that makes no sense **
When I made a post referring to a certain server and how an individual relates to it. I was messaged by a person stating “You’ve made many powerful enemies” with another user messaging me persuading not to post about the servers or the connection that was going on. The posts were immediately removed.

I’ve found many connections between
Facepunch community members

Okay we will start of with Eugecus
The thing is with the server is that when you join, the admins think they own your soul. This is because the way eugegus works is they make their money from chaos. They will get younger players to buy cheap admin or even co-owner so they can seem like their powerful. Then their other admins the ones who are “in on it” or undercover agents will go to the server to minge on it to get those said admins demoted. Thus meaning they either have to buy admin again or wait for new vunrable players to come along.

There is strange stuff on eugecus. The admin “monkey” teleported to me and my friend and started speaking in a strange voice, he had an anime profile picture. He was admin abusing. He KNEW who we were even though we had different steam names and he knew why we were here. It was very odd indeed. Another strange thing on Eugucus is the creator of the Apanti propkill was AFK’ing. And set to the “owner rank”. He also had an anime profile picture and even had a girls name in his profile description… Very strange indeed. I also noticed he was part of a group relating to the facepunch community alongside knowing many facepunch members. They also had anime avatars too.

On Eugecus the bans reset every time the server restarts. This adds to the chaos and allows former staff members/players to return once banned and are allowed to continue to play. Thus having a stable playerbase in which according they think they own the players souls once they join the server. There is some strange stuff going on there indeed plain and simple. I also found there were other facepunch members with high “trusted” ranks on this server. Who were trying to develop stuff for the server. Having furry/anime avatars also added to the suspicion.

I’ve said before facepucnh is a cult. This is because the admins and respected members think that they own the souls of the people who join the community and sign up. It’s plain and simple. When you join you are coaxed into believing that DarkRP is a bad gamemode when it’s not really that bad. To believe propkilling is only a minge gamemode when it isn’t. Being a member of one of the prop legions of gmod is a great honour actually. To be able to fight any opponent and learn the way of the prop.

The way of the prop has been infected though. Thus going back to the conspiracy. Members who are “big server men” and “friends with everyone”, Join the propkill server and think they are well respected. They come on and think they are “funny men” and are on the good side of everyone. They have connections all over. Including facepunch and some very powerful darkrp servers like KDG and of course - Eugecus.

This is where scriptfodder comes into play. Any critisims made of scriptfodder are worthy of a ban on this forum. This is because the owner of scriptfodder is also a “big sever man friends with everyone” type of guy, once you have the connections. You can get everyone banned. Even though scriptfodder directly comes into play with DarkRP selling scripts to the gamemode it is stil seen as a criticism to support DarkRP on the Facepunch community forums.

Also have you noticed that the people who ruin a lot of things in Gmod are often the most powerful? Looking through some of the said individuals friends lists I’ve found them friends with other powerful users in the FP/DarkRP community. They all have “hive” mentality which I have seen with my own eyes albeit about a different “ring” that is going on in Gmod.

A lot of weird stuff is going on, People adding me and then removing me. Following me on servers. Following others who I know on servers. Strange stuff that relates to FP and DarkRP- Especially Eugecus once I joined and spawned a prop and immediately got banned for “trying to crash the server” - I know they were spectating me at the time. I didn’t even do anything wrong.

Everyone knows that Putin only uses the Eugecus for funds. Same with the owner of scriptfodder - It’s for funds. Profit. And then FP is the middle ground used to indoctrinate and to be a place of meeting and “front face” of it all.

illuminati confirmed

Tell me one thing that isn’t true that I wrote there.

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I feel like you’re the guy who made the server coders group and got banned from gmodcoders lol.

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You forgot Parakeet, Jamie, Ott, Ducky, Exho, Kamshak, PotcFdck, Scarness, thelastpenguin, and ZombieWizard, but who’s counting anyway, I’m a big server man, nothing matters compared to me.

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Uh, yeah, selling admin to kids and either demoting them or giving them few powers is a cruel but fairly common method of making profit to a server owner. It’s not uncommon these days to be a server owner only to rake in “donation” money. So what if some script dev is looking to be one of those people, it sucks, but everyone needs cash I guess.
Having a banlist that resets daily is a really weird choice for a server, though.

Yes, everyone who sells ScriptFodder scripts is in it for the money. DarkRP is the most common gamemode so people make more money selling DarkRP scripts. The owner of the site is obviously in it for the money, it’s a business. Now, complaining about ScriptFodder will not get you banned on the site unless you are starting a flame war, ignoring moderators’ commands to stop complaining, or are somehow releasing another user’s personal information (ie breaking normal facepunch rules).

When you say that Facepunch is a cult and then slap the reader with “To be able to fight any opponent and learn the way of the prop.” is a bit hypocritical. I’ve read your arguments about propkilling and agree with you. Propkilling is a good gamemode that should stay as its own gamemode. It’s not fair to roleplayers to minge around and propkill them randomly. It’s the few that do so that give propkilling a bad name, especially to the roleplay servers (again, the most popular gamemode, ie the majority). DarkRP is given a bad name mostly because its player base is filled with squeakers (young children) who the “mature audiences” of Facepunch don’t want to play with. We aren’t coaxed into believing anything.

So, what I’ve gotten from your post is that you believe that Facepunch’s users are here to make new people believe that DarkRP and propkilling are bad, while at the same time trying to get them to buy DarkRP scripts and extort money from them on their servers? That doesn’t really make sense.

It might help if you pointed out how exactly you offended these eugecus guys.

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