Euphe's posing and comics thread

I am sorry, but i don’t want to make multiple threads. I would like to store here all my works and i hope you will like them.

For now i have some stuff based around my interactive. I really haev problems with story and to get ideas i pose different things based around it. Let’s look at something i made for now.

Experimenting with effects, testing if those models are good for posing. I think some of these look really nice.

A small comic. It describes how the GENNE faction started. Again, experimenting, experimenting…
There will be more. I am making a serie of fun comics.

Complimnets and complaints, as usual.

As much as you want, you can’t post comics in here. There’s a section for that. And if you keep adding screenshots to existing threads people will think that they’ve already read it and not see your new stuff.

No-one minds you making new threads for your screenshots or comics (in the proper section)

As for your stuff here, you need to make more poses that isn’t just samus and a FF model (protip: Don’t use them) in front of a photoshopped background.

I can’t do anything now, right, heh?

I will keep it in mind, but that was just testing. And it was made in other way. Anyways, thanks for the critism.

Why don’t you just do like anybody else.

To tell you the truth i am too lazy to make a thread every time. I know you don’t give a shit, but anyways :3

Yeah when I first tried to make a pic dump when I first joined, it got locked… and I had to make threads.

wack wack wack



I have nothing else to say… I just noticed the thread is in the comics section! I wish it to be removed D:

You know, Euphe, there is a thread titled: “I WANT TO POST MY SCREENSHOT BUT I DON’T WANT TO MAKE A THREAD”.

I think it’s right up your alley.