Euro Platey

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Oh god…

any vids of it in action, or anything?

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Sounds awesome, but I’d love to see a video.

It’s horribly coded, and just another bot.
Also, use your goddamn elseif!!!

Yes ?

Video please, you had a tendency to uh…“talk things up” as i recall

Also lol

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I can’t see what the hell is going on??
It looks annoying and, after 10 minutes, boring. Just being the honest judge here =P But good job making it anyway, it’s… interesting :smiley:
Should make it do more useful things like making building easier or secretly kill people and ruin people’s contraptions by shooting invisible stuff out and following your codes >=) Sept the owner can be found by seeing random changes in “# of props” under player stats :frowning:


Make one that rotates one prop almost the exact opposite as another prop- for making pieces of things, like cars, perfectly symmetrical… Using maybe the stool turret to wire entity markers to the two props, and applying angle force to one to “match” the other.

Srsly. Learn to use holoParent() if you are going to make anything with Holograms…

Nothing exciting, and nothing to show off really. Everyone has made their hand of minge chips and releasing them is just stupid and a flaunt of your general faggotry. All you do is control a PHX plate and push people with it. Might as well make a barrel that flies around and does this (:happyelf:). Your code could be optimized in so many places and could use player attachments for better accuracy.

So while we have a chance… :regd08:

Hey now, I’m glad that eurocracy actually made something for once, as awful as it might be.

I mean, it’s not like he runs from thread to thread, shitting all over other people’s contraptions, warranting a ridiculous amount of ire for being a gigantic faggot.

oh wait.

Hey, hey, eurocracy, hey.

You suck. Get out.

Why had gmod turned into programming

It has? I just figured it’s a big part of the game that’s all :).

Haha your funny sax its gone from like cool as shit and contraptions to a chip lol. Now not everyone is doing this but alot more of it is coming up

Do you ever make anything or do you just bitch about how other people make stuff? You know you can still make contraption anyway you want right? You have no valid complaints about this post, you just complain about the tools used to make it…

The video is complete crap, you cant really tell whats going on. Looks pretty cool though, seems like it does what you want it to. I don’t really care how the code looks as long as it works.

Just remember games are serious business now…

Its not really the days of gmod pets that were made to be different really.
This apply force technique really over rules the pint and agony of placing a thruster on each individual bit and getting it at the right force. Now this is just bad, not because the contraption is bad, the contraption is GOOD but the fact that its too easy to get fluid movement now takes the shine away from good pets/plates.

Lol you cant talk shit at all

Oh my god it’s so bad. I stopped watching when it wasn’t even parented