Eurofighter Typhoon, SU-47 Berkut (and SR-71 Blackbird)

3 planes that i’ve made over the past 2 weeks, all of them fly, I did already post 1 of them but i just been banned from that account for unknown reason so :stuck_out_tongue:

Eurofighter Typhoon:

SU-47 Berkut:


William The Conqueror

Yes, some parts of the planes are wrong but they are fun to fly and things arent always perfect, it’s the same with many of other things that other people have made on facepunch, so please stop whining about how the cockpits are totally wrong.

nope i don’t

-snip- pics work now.

Well, the eurofighter is fugly. Wings are all wrong.
Berkut is somewhat meh, the cockpit is fugly (yes, we see it even though you tried so hard to hide it on the screenshots)
Cockpit on the blackbird is totally wrong.

Why would you post someone else’s stuff?

The Global Hawk looks pretty good.

Saw theese on sax’s server. The last one looks the best.

The Blackbird looks awefully similar…, the others are alright, better than average, but not the best… you know

btw nice 2 see you r getting the scale bout right

The canards on the Berkut are supposed to be higher than the wings.

He already stole Wenli’s A-130.
And he’s done it again with that Sr-71 Blackbird!
Bad Kee-wee >_>

Uhm Pac, I made the blackbird.

Please don’t tell me you r a Kiwi/New Zealander

Wait… Kee-weez =/= Kee-Wee?

Yes, I am, isn’t it a bit obvious?

ah dammit, now there r 3 of us, what server do you play on? I play on MiltonGamers, drop in and visit sometime

Nodex, sometimes Sax’s

Models, models, and models. This is why I quit releasing my stuff on Facepunch, the F-16 I released at Wiremod was actually well recieved.

Wiremodders judge your contraption overall. Facepunchers judge the weakest link.

or you just cant take criticism and cry. stop sucking on your moms tits and grow up.

Because we are tired of seeing your re-branded F-16, there are tons of well received contraptions on here.

plang master has spoken

yay somebody has said it, thank you edberg, I never got what was so ‘good’ bout it

Edit: Wiremod forums sit there thinking they are somehow superior, but personally I think there are only a few good builders there.

The thing with wiremod, is models come second place, and people get all up and arms about some gate that I think atleast a good portion of skilled wiring players could make

wtf does that have to do with this thread?