EuroKwigg's Heavy Metal Madness

-Cleanup Snip-

Yay it’s back :v: I had good times on your server last time.

Why exactly does it matter that garry joined your server?

Also, haha you still persist in calling yourself a “srs bildur”

-Cleanup Snip-

“It was from old thread”

You added it to this thread as well, that sort of implies that you think it means something.

“…doesn’t mean I don’t still build”

Oh I imagine you still build, but I damn well hope you don’t call that laughable copy-cat shit that you posted on facepunch /srs buildung/

-Cleanup Snip-

No, that stuff isn’t copied with the exception of those hands on the “transformer”

But still…srs bildung guise

Lets have a run down of those contraptions shall we? The first and second walk about as well as spastic children and the transformer just sort of…falls down when you increase the height of the hoverballs. That giant hoverball’d platform with legs on it isn’t even propelled forward by them. Why bother not finding out ways to improve and make actual contraptions that work properly rather than
actually making fuctioning things? Isn’t that like half the fun of Gmod?

-Cleanup Snip-

Are you going to get stargate?

I’ll Stop giving a damn when you stop thinking you can build well.

Btw do you still have dreams of sucking off the “great builders of old” ?

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Benji))

-Cleanup Snip-

Your contraptions are not popular in the way you think. Rather, they’re infamous.

Never built a thing?


No, I’m just saying that you act like a twilight fangirl sometimes.

He wont be happy when he see’s that

Nobody would :v:

-Cleanup Snip-

Man, I feel sorry for your humanaty. After watching that crap it’s rare to come out human.